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Industry Services:
customized & efficient industrial solutions

Facilities -
Full-Service from One Source

Customized and Modular
CorrTech offers a broad range of specialized and professional services – individual assistance, technical support and service and quality management. We provide a central contact person that controls all the performances and duties – reliable, professional and transparent. By our „short-way-mentality“ through Inhouse Service with the benefits of flexible deployable CorrTech-experts and variable process controlling, all services performed will be conform to our customers´production capacity.

Long-lasting and Cooperative Relations
CorrTech, the dependable partner with seamlessly integrated industrial and commercial services in their client´s operational procedures. Our company works with an attention to detail and thrives to offer the best service available. Our staff is highly qualified and we have been providing our customers´ with steady customized solutions for improvements in order to save resources and costs.

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For any questions, emergencies, technical advice or assistance, contact us.
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Phone: +49 9644 - 689533 0
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E-Mail: info@CorrTech.de

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Surface Treatment
Each customer has individual due to corrosion, wear and aging protection
Requirements and wishes for the refinement of his workpiece surfaces.
In-house or in cooperation with established partner companies, we can meet these high demands through a wide range of suitable individual finishing processes


  • sandblasting
  • liquid painting
  • powder coatings

With our partners:

Heat treatment:

  • Hardening (inductive hardening, flame hardening, etc.)
  • Nitriding, long-term gas nitriding
  • Normalizing, stress relief annealing
Surface finishing:
  • Galvanizing / Chromating
  • Hot-dip galvanizing
  • hard chrome plating



CorrTech industrial cleaning: Contamination of your piping systems and process installations in an ongoing production process could cause stagnation to arise. This can easily be prevented by preventively or periodically having your systems or process installations industrially cleaned. You will not only prevent your machines from being plagued by decline in heat transmission due to chalk, ferric salts, grease, and (assembly) contamination, but it drastically reduces the chance of damages to your machines as well. Some of our eco-friendly and cost-optimized options for industrial cleaning include

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Sand Blasting
  • Dry Ice Blasting (Inhouse / mobile)