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Maßgeschneiderte & effiziente Industrielösungen

individual & varied possibilities

Without a surface adapted to the application, machines and their components are rarely delivered today.

Constantly and everywhere we meet the most diverse surface coatings, using their advantages and benefits. The large variety of coatings is the result of the demands and specifications of our customers. Various materials, shapes and applications lead to specifications in the selection of process techniques.

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Surface Treatment
Each customer has individual due to corrosion, wear and aging protection
Requirements and wishes for the refinement of his workpiece surfaces.
In-house or in cooperation with established partner companies, we can meet these high demands through a wide range of suitable individual finishing processes.


  • Sand blasting
  • Wet Coating / Priming
  • Powder Coating

With our partners:

Heat treatment:

  • Hardening (inductive hardening, flame hardening, etc.)
  • Nitriding, long-term gas nitriding
  • Normalizing, stress relief annealing

Surface finishing:

  • Galvanizing / Chromating
  • Hot-dip galvanizing
  • hard chrome plating