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Quality Management
Responsibility & Reliabilitiy

Outstanding quality is our benchmark and we see quality as an important success factor. Our quality standard is based on the requirements of our customers. That’s why quality management is a top priority.

Every employee of our company takes responsibility for the quality of his daily work. The entire production area has the necessary equipment and works according to defined quality processes.

Modern technologies put us in the position to provide services of various kinds efficiently. Herewith we not only fulfill the quality standard, but also our corporate goal of a comprehensive environmentally friendly working method.

Principles of Quality Assurance

Our documentation by the Quality Management Represantative is structured producing clear technical reports for your products to fulfill statutory requirements. We cover all aspects of the process for you.

4 Eye Principle

The instrument to ensure highest quality is the 4-Eye-Principle of CorrTech´s Controlling and Safety Assesments – the double-check for all activities for an appropriate qualitiy contraol and approval process.


Starting off with an idea, continue with planning, then we come to the sample production until we reach the final production: high flexibilty and greater assurance of project quality.

Quality Management at CorrTech

Highest customer satisfaction determines our actions
Our customers set the benchmark for the quality of our products and services. We meet his requirements comprehensively and on time.

Each employee contributes in his or her own responsibility to fulfilling the customer requirements
The internal customer-supplier relationship applies. The next step in the internal workflow is our customer. He receives error-free work results.

Promoting quality awareness is an important management task
With consistent further education and comprehensive information, we ensure the high qualification of all employees. Managers are role models in the realization of quality thinking.

Error prevention takes precedence over error correction
Erasing mistakes is not enough! It is imperative to find the possible causes of errors as well as preventively and permanently eliminate them.

Improving quality is a constant obligation
The initiative of each individual to continuously improve their work processes, work practices and work environment is an important contribution to personal success, satisfaction and secures top position in the market.

We commit our suppliers to our quality requirements
In a loyal and open partnership, we help them to pursue common aims.